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Shana Singh
Hi, I’m Shana. A Product/UX Designer with 4 years of experience conceptualizing and crafting digital products. You can say hello at

A guide to conducting your first usability test with confidence, including tips that guarantee your first usability research experience will be a whole lot smoother than mine 🥳

I performed my first usability test back in February 2020

Why it’s important

How do we validate whether the product we’re spending so much effort building is something that people will want to use? The answer is simple — by asking the people who will be using it. …

In 2017, people spend more time messaging than on social media. More and more companies are realising this and implementing website chatbots, designed to navigate visitors through a website and help them quickly and easily reach their end goal. …

Enabling first-time fathers to feel in control, supported, and at ease

Understanding the Problem

For all parents, raising a child for the first time can feel like being pushed in the deep end without knowing how to swim. Though prenatal classes exist, they are geared mainly towards women to discuss their role as new mothers and the emotions that come with it.

Simply put…

Read the article as published in Entrepreneur Asia Pacific magazine

Image credit — The awesome people submitting to Unsplash

UX design has become ubiquitous today — product interfaces, on-boarding processes and content presentation on varied digital platforms depend upon it. With technology advancing rapidly and evolving, it has become mandatory for industry players to constantly adapt to new design strategies. One would do well to analyze these emerging trends…

Creating designs that not only target a user’s basic needs but also their values and beliefs

There are numerous processes that designers use to pinpoint what a user needs, which have been honed so well over time that they have become second nature and we identify needs and design applications in a heartbeat.

Problem is, needs are often translated to base-level necessities on Maslow’s hierarchy of…

Shana Singh

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