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Shana Singh
Hi, I’m Shana. A Product/UX Designer with 4 years of experience conceptualizing and crafting digital products. You can say hello at

A guide to conducting your first usability test with confidence, including tips that guarantee your first usability research experience will be a whole lot smoother than mine 🥳

I performed my first usability test back in February 2020

Why it’s important

Launching a product without research is equivalent to driving blindfolded.

Enabling first-time fathers to feel in control, supported, and at ease

Understanding the Problem

Read the article as published in Entrepreneur Asia Pacific magazine

Image credit — The awesome people submitting to Unsplash

Voice UI

Creating designs that not only target a user’s basic needs but also their values and beliefs

Is it possible to address the user’s higher-level needs?

Shana Singh

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